Celebrating 5 years of Willing Coffee!

Celebrating 5 years of Willing Coffee!

Five years ago, in 2018, the first Willing Coffee outpost opened its doors at 110 Terrace Road in Guildford, creating a buzz among coffee enthusiasts and locals alike.

This milestone coincided with the completion of Terrace House, a residential property development by Willing Property. Both ventures were designed not just as standalone projects but as integral components of the historical and vibrant areas they now call home.

Embracing European cafe culture, Willing Coffee's Guildford and Mount Lawley espresso bars have become more than just coffee shops. They are genuine connectors of people and places, providing a unique experience of brewing and enjoying coffee within the community.

The Birth of Willing Coffee:

Willing Coffee was not an overnight creation but the result of a gradual realization fostered by the owners, Tim and Veronique Willing. Inspired by specialty coffee and conversations with passionate baristas, the couple envisioned a space where coffee enthusiasts, cyclists, and the local community could come together. Tim Willing, a former Australian Track Cycling champion, poured his love for cycling into the foundation of Willing Coffee, envisioning it as a place where the community and cyclists could unite.

Terrace House: A Timeless Design:

Alongside the opening of Willing Coffee's first outpost, the completion of Terrace House added to the charm of Guildford. This residential property development showcases a timeless design, seamlessly blending with the heritage-listed buildings and tree-lined streets that give Guildford its distinctive character. The integration of Terrace House and Willing Coffee illustrates how commercial and residential developments can contribute to the vibrancy of historical areas, creating opportunities for deeper connections within the community.

A Cafe with a Purpose:

Beyond being a neighborhood coffee shop, Willing Coffee aims to provide a meaningful experience for its patrons. Drawing inspiration from family-run coffee shops in Italy, the cafe seeks to foster a sense of community and familiarity. As guests step inside, they are enveloped in an ambiance that encourages daily visits and shared moments with friends, family, and fellow coffee enthusiasts.

An Experience, Not Just a Drink:

Willing Coffee goes beyond merely serving caffeinated beverages. It curates an experience around coffee, celebrating the art of brewing and the joy of savoring each cup. Customers are invited to take part in the journey of coffee-making, deepening their connection to the process and to one another.

A Gathering Place for All:

With a strong emphasis on community, Willing Coffee welcomes people from all walks of life. From the coffee aficionado seeking the perfect espresso to the cyclist refueling after a ride, the cafe embraces a diverse clientele. This diversity enriches the sense of togetherness and fosters genuine connections among the patrons.


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