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At Willing Coffee, our unwavering passion for specialty coffee, wellness, and building a vibrant community lies at the very essence of who we are.

Part of the Willing Group, we see our developments as part of something bigger - part of the vibrancy of historical areas - and we want to create opportunities for further connections. When we’re not enhancing the neighbourhoods of Perth, we’re indulging our equal love of fine wine and coffee at one of our hospitality venues.

Since 2018, our well-loved Willing Coffee espresso bars have become a mecca for lovers of fine coffee, providing a genuine connection to the people and places we are building for and within.

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A former Australian Track Cycling Champion and Institute of Sport WA scholarship holder, Tim Willing has professionally raced road and track competitions around the world from 1987 and in France and Holland from 1989 to 1992. While a passion for property runs through his veins, it’s his other love of coffee, fine wine and European café culture that has driven the creation of Willing Coffee.

We’re pleased to share with you our range of limited-edition cycling kits, crafted by the team at Pedalare, Willing Coffee beans and a selection of coffee brewing equipment.

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Our signature single origin coffee is sourced from a family collective in Huila in southern Colombia. The beans are lightly roasted to enhance the inherent quality, resulting in a coffee that features body and sweetness whilst maintaining acidity on the finish to ensure balance in the cup.

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