Inspired by 1950's Italian cafes

Inspired by 1950's Italian cafes

Inspired by our global travels 

Tim and Veronique Willing had a particular vision when they approached Ohlo Studio to create their first Willing Coffee outpost in Perth. With the aim of blending their love for cycling and coffee, whilst taking inspiration from the charming Italian cafes of the 1950s. The result? Willing Coffee Guildford, located just 13km from Perth CBD in the lovely suburb of Guildford.

Drawing inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s

Ohlo Studio incorporates elements that capture some of the more well known design accents from this era. The blend of dramatic curves, vibrant tones, and the fluidity of mechanical equipment contribute to a softer, more feminine aesthetic.

The café features stainless steel counters,  red Persian stone, and glossy red cabinets that reflect the afternoon light. Curves are prominent throughout, with a large European oak shelf displaying international papers and journals, perfect for enjoying with an espresso or a signature Willing Coffee batch brew.

Willing Coffee in Guildford goes beyond being just a regular café.

It's a testament to Tim and Veronique's shared passion for cycling and coffee. They offer a wide selection of locally and internationally sourced coffee beans, top-of-the-line Moccamaster coffee machines, and even their own line of cycling apparel.


You can experience it all at this unique establishment, located below the Guildford Terrace House apartments.

Willing Coffee welcomes visitors daily from 6:30 AM to 4 PM.

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