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Willing Coffee

NextLevel Pulsar Brewer

NextLevel Pulsar Brewer

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Introducing the NextLevel Pulsar™ Brewer, a revolutionary coffee and tea brewing experience designed to elevate your daily rituals. With precise Flow Control, this brewer grants you complete mastery over agitation and flow rate, ensuring optimal water retention. The carefully engineered Diffused Pouring, guarantees a uniformly wetted coffee bed for a consistent cup of your favourite brew.

What sets the Pulsar Brewer apart is its High Versatility. The innovative valve and "no bypass" design open the door to limitless combinations of immersion and percolation, allowing you to tailor your brew to perfection. Bid farewell to uncertainties with the "No Water Bypass" feature, providing precise control over the brew ratio.

Crafted from thermal-stable plastic and featuring a dispersion cap to ensure your brew maintains a higher temperatures throughout the process. Beyond coffee, the Pulsar Brewer is also fantastic for tea brewing and uses a steep-and-release technique.

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